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February 29, 2012


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Long statement, NOT a rant, be ready to read.

Ok, so :iconyamino: has been getting a lot of hate from the Bronies lately, on the account that she found the character "Derpy Hooves" and her portrayal offensive. Apparently, she stated an opinion somewhere, that "Derpy Hooves" and her portrayal in the episode "The last round up" as offensive towards peoples with disabilities ("I.E. those considered "Retarded" and\or "Disabled").

Hasbro took note of the fact that some people (Keyword: SOME) who were offended by the portrayal may or may not have openly complained of it, and had Derpy's name stricken from canon, and and the part of the episode in which "Derpy" appears, would be changed. Her once crooked eyes would be straightened, and her voice would be changed (which was done poorly in comparison I might add. And by that I mean the quality of the audio) and she would be considered "normal".

Well...the many of the bronies did NOT like that (by many I refer to a minority...of hundreds, perhaps thousands), they started to bash :iconyamino: and even attacked her identity, and even going as far as to tell her to "Go kill yourself".

I do NOT agree with all...PERIOD...nor do I agree with this situation. It ridiculous, in more ways than can be realized.

1. The Bronies ARE overacting. They should NOT be attacking someone who had NOTHING to do with the decision to change Derpy.

2. I dont like the fact that...well...Hasbro seemed to change Derpy on fact that she offended a doesn't make sense.

"Derp" doe NOT mean NEVER did.

"Derp" means that your a klutz, it means that your clumsy. Derp mean that you made a mistake, it does NOT mean that your retarded, or disabled, or even something derogatory. Do some research.

Now Derpy, was (Too me) sort of presented as...well...she reminded me of "Forest Gump" a good way. She was a bit slow, and clumsy, but well meaning, but I didnt think of her as a retard.

:iconyamino: well...she DOESN'T deserve that sort of treatment from people, and the bronies are bad for saying such awful things...but....Yamino is sort of wrong too.

Why? Well, misinterpreted the word "Derp", which seems to be the root of all of this. As I stated above "Derp" is NOT a derogatory term, it never was.

Words evolve, and this is no exception. Just as the words like "Gay" and "Fag" evolved from reality harmless meanings (Gay used to mean "Happy", while "Fag" or "Faggot" used to mean a bunch of sticks) they became derogatory terms over the years, and only now is the damage being undone. We CANNOT allow words such as "Derp" to become words of hate.

Derpy was a character with many flaws, but had many redeeming qualities, according to the lore that was given to her by her fans, she is a valuable member and productive member of society, AND a mother (likely single) and all in spite of being a simple klutz. This is a POSITIVE thing, no matter how you look at it.

Yamino does NOT deserve the thrashing she got, nor the hate, but she DID misinterpret Derpies depiction as "Retarded" Or "Disabled", so she has facilitated such a evolutionism of the word, making it into a negative, rather than a positive.

This wouldn't be so bad under normal circumstances, BUT she has the ears (Or...well...Eyes) of hundreds, if not thousands, perhaps even tens of thousands of people. Whether she likes it or not, she IS responsible for the things she says, and the way she has made the word "Derp" out to be, is somewhat of a shame. She has the power to make that negative, into a positive, but she didnt.

Obviously, she would reject the notion of the above statement, but she is in fact responsible for how she uses her words, and she has MUCH influence over this part of the internet...which can be a blessing and a curse.

My point? Everybody is being COUNTER PRODUCTIVE.

The bronies who are attacking her are jumping the gun and being hypocrites. And Yamino didn't interpret "Derp" correctly, and thus facilitated it as a "hate word", something I am positive she is against. And Hasbro should NOT have done what they have done too Derpy, they should have kept as she is, in order to state something along the lines of "different is good, different is fun, different is ok". Perhaps they should made her depiction a little less klutzy, and perhaps chose her voice actress a little more carefully, and since they were going to add her in, maybe they should have an episode just about her...maybe add "Dinky Hooves" in as her daughter, just as the bronies said she was in Fanon.

All im saying is, dont meet hate with hate, and dont change something just to appease the few.

I hope that nobody is offended by this, and I MAY change a few things about this journal entry, but im not going to just do just to appease the few. Im going to post a link to this on Yamino's page, and hope that she reads it, b ut I doubt she will read it. I kind of look up to her, but I dont look at her as a flawless being, and im just want her to know, that she is sort of wrong. And as for the sure Derpy would be disappointed.

Edit: over 100 views?....WTF! I honestly thought I wouldn't even get 5 views in a year! Let alone a 100....
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newsuperdannyzx Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2014
I Agreed with you
HelenaKnowlegdeOffic Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2014
Well. I have an opinion on Derpy too.
She is also a bit offensive since she's clumsy and knocks over things for no reason.
MichaelThiem Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2014
How is being a klutz offensive, exactly? Also, why is it okay for Snips and Snails to be babbling imbeciles, but if Derpy is a little bit clumsy, it's sooooo offensive?
I didn't mean that way .-.
It's that Derpy's voice wasn't very good (Her slurring made her seem disabled)...
Yes, she can be the "idiot" type or char .-.  
DectectiveDamian Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Eh to be honest, the problem is when people look into shit that isn't really true. Yamino in my opinion was in the wrong due to the fact, she looked too deep in it. Derpy was used as a clown characther, no messed up voice or retarded figure really. She was just silly. So silly that her eyes were messed up with her imagination. And Yamino, the bitch in the white dress. Couldn't see the child like wonder. It just shows that Yamino is growing up and she really should be more like a kid when watching this show in particular. There are context clues all the time in kids tv show. Don't believe me?
Animaniacs contexts clip- (look it up) The point is, the fact that Yamino can't even look back and smile at such things especially a worker with Adventure Time. She shouldn't be able to pick up a pen or a pencil and work as a factory worker in russia.
Epicness54 Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2013
Only one disagree.I still say Dinky isn't Derpy's.
AfraidToDraw Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2013
Doesn't this [link] make her rather hypocritical? not to mention his shit stirring journal where she tries to provoke the bronies into another fight.

Look at her words and actions closer and you'll see shes far from a victimin.

Also try googling Yamino Adventure Time Fired for more of her antics.

Then again I do wonder if it really is a her, i mean why would a transexual try to censor lesbians in a cartoon? Either hes a guy or a raging hypocrite
Trebgah Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2012
I agree soooo so much with this.
Malachite-Prototype Featured By Owner May 26, 2012
I don't hate Yamino personally, but I hate this Crap she started.
Complaining that "some" might be offended before the "possibly offended party" had a chance to speak themselves is just ridiculous. We're talking about Strabismus here, Not mental retardation. If they were upset, they're more than capable of voicing their opinion without "help".

I do understand the hate at towards her though.
After all the work of developing DerpyHooves, and then having her added to the series (with her canon name no less) was awesome. We knew Hasbro was listening. We enjoyed watching something we had created.
It would actually have been more merciful just to remove her altogether than to strip away her personality and make her a dull background character again (minus her characteristic eyes).

She has No idea what a Sh*tStorm she's caused against Hasbro and Herself for bringing up disability cruelty in a little girl's fantasy world no less.

I can't say I wish Yamino personal harm, but I hope she knows how much hate is circling her right now,
Because eventually it's going to catch up.
AskNadroj Featured By Owner May 26, 2012
After seeing as to how she is continuing to act as she does, and that she is so delusional, that she actually believes she is in the right, I have to agree with you.
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